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Reporting your results

Now it’s time to share your results with the world. Communicating your results with the scientific community in a clear, meaningful way is worth the extra effort. Our consultants are experienced in all parts of the scientific publication process. Contact us to discover how we can help you turn a good paper into a great one!

We can help you with:



Scientific advice: Our consultants offer guidance while you prepare scientific manuscripts and reports, ensuring that your hard work and good research practices are correctly reported.

Pre-peer review: We check your manuscript for scientific integrity and best practices and provide feedback on its scientific content before you submit it to a journal.

Medical writing: Our consulting team includes expert medical writers who can step in and write various documents, ensuring that you communicate your results in a clear way. These documents include:

  • Scientific publications

  • Grant applications and reports

  • Regulatory documents

  • Website and social media

  • Presentations

  • Informational brochures

Language editing: Our native English-speaking medical writers and editors help polish your writing to make sure your ideas are presented clearly and concisely.

Scientific illustration: We help translate your complex scientific and medical discoveries into clear and accurate visualizations. Our scientific illustrators can help you create:

  • Image panels

  • Plots and graphs

  • Graphical abstracts

And more... Contact us for more information.

Still in the planning stages? Learn how we can help you plan your research.

Need help running a study? Learn how we can help you run your project.

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