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Scientific Advice

Good research practices can mitigate the risk of irreproducible results, ensuring that your data are as robust and reliable as possible. Our experienced research consultants provide scientific advice to help you incorporate good research practices throughout your scientific work. We also integrate this scientific advice service into our other services.


Our scientific advice service includes:

  • Formulating relevant, meaningful, and testable research questions and hypotheses

  • Creating robust study designs that include measures to reduce risk of bias, prevent false positive results, and reduce effect size inflation

  • Checking the research question and methods against the state of the art in the field

  • Validating resources, such as cell lines and antibodies, using resource identifiers and databases

  • Pre-registration of clinical and non-clinical studies

  • Applying relevant guidelines and checklists when planning and reporting your specific type of study

  • Conducting a pre-peer review, by checking your manuscript for scientific integrity and best research practices before you submit it to a journal, helping it pass smoothly through the peer review process

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