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Medical writing

Our team of expert medical writers helps you communicate your results to the scientific community, funding agencies, regulatory bodies, and the general public in a clear and meaningful way.


Scientific publications

We help make sure your science is reported in a clear, concise, and reproducible way. A research consultant and a medical writer will work together, incorporating our scientific advice service, to ensure your research is reported in a robust and reproducible manner.​​

Our consultants and medical writers have vast experience in writing manuscripts for publication in a variety of scientific journals. Topics that we can help with include clinical trial results, clinical trial protocols, observational clinical studies, systematic reviews, methodological papers, and nonclinical in vivo and in vitro studies in a range of biomedical fields. We can take on single projects or long-term contracts, forming an integral part of your publication strategy.

Journal selection

Journal selection

Selecting an appropriate journal is an important part of the publication process. We help you search for and select a journal with an appropriate scope and audience. All journals that we recommend are first screened using an array of tools and databases to ensure your research is published in a reputable journal and to avoid predatory publishers. We also help with other tasks related to the publication, such as drafting a cover letter, submitting the manuscript via the journal’s submission system, performing revisions, and composing responses to reviewers.


Grant applications

We help you write clear, concise, and well-written grant applications. A research consultant and a medical writer will work together to create each application. To ensure that the scientific excellence of your project shines through and is within the scope of the grant call, we first create a sound scientific plan with your input, tailored to the scope and requirements of each grant. We incorporate our scientific advice service at this stage to develop a robust and reproducible study design.


We have an excellent track record for many grant types, ranging from small local funders to large EU, US, and international funding schemes. We can take on single projects or long-term contracts, forming an integral part of your grant application strategy.


Regulatory documents

Medical writers significantly improve the quality of regulatory documents. Our expert medical writers help ensure your regulatory documents are clearly written and appropriately formatted, letting you focus on your regulatory strategy. We can help find supporting literature for your scientific and regulatory positions and to establish the background and state of the art in a particular therapeutic area, as well as provide medical writing services, language editing, and formatting of documents.


Our medical writing service can improve a wide variety of regulatory documents, including clinical evaluation reports, orphan drug designation (ODD) applications, briefing documents, pre-investigational new drug (pre-IND) meeting requests, clinical trial applications, and clinical trial reports.

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Popular science

Popular scientific writing

We translate your scientific research into clear and understandable language for a nonscientific audience.


We can help compose a range of popular science documents, including plain language summaries, website copy, social media posts, presentations and slide decks, congress and conference materials, and informational materials.


Figures and scientific illustrations

About one-third of all graphs in scientific publications are missing key information, rendering them ambiguous or uninterpretable.


For all documents that we prepare, our research consultants assess the included figures and illustrations and advise on their scientific content and presentation, ensuring that your data are presented clearly and unambiguously. Our research consultants can help you create basic graphs, complex multipanel figures, graphical abstracts, infographics, and scientific posters.

How it works

How it works


Contact us to book a free 30-minute consultation to determine which services will best help you

We sign a nondisclosure agreement before your consultation


You receive a quote and sign a service agreement

Each project will be assigned both a research consultant and a medical writer who will work iteratively together with you to create an outline and ensure the scientific quality and scope of your document. Additional services such as journal selection, figures, and illustrations are applied at this stage 


A native English-speaking medical writer crafts a beautifully written document, ensuring that your science is communicated clearly and accurately

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