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About us

The complex nature of scientific research leads to poor reproducibility – only 10-40% of scientific research can be reproduced. Good research practices can mitigate the risk of irreproducible results, ensuring that your data are as robust and reliable as possible.

AdvanSci Research Consulting started in 2020 as a consortium of research consultants with a passion for reproducible science. We provide services that make it easy and intuitive for life science companies and academic researchers to incorporate good research practices in their scientific work.

Meet the team

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Research consultant

Daniela Grassi holds a PhD in neuroscience and is experienced in bioinformatics, in vitro cell differentiation, and molecular biology. She has a passion for improving the scientific process.


Scientific Illustrator

Andreas Enström is a senior PhD student in neuroscience working with vascular dysfunction in ischemic stroke. Outside of the lab, Andreas' aim is to translate complex scientific and medical discoveries into accurate and clear visualizations using 2D infographics and 3D modeling.



Research consultant

Jane Fisher holds a PhD in infection medicine and has been working with translational research since 2013. She is driven toward developing tangible solutions that improve human health. Her extensive experience includes in vitro models, animal models, and clinical studies.


Medical writing intern

Juliane Albrecht is a senior PhD student in oncology, studying genetic variants in breast cancer. She has had experience working with various companies in the pharmaceutical industry in parallel with her studies, which she incorporates into her work with us. She works largely with medical writing in our team.


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