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About us

We empower humanity with reliable and impactful scientific discoveries.


Reproducibility and replicability are fundamental aspects of good science. However, merely 10 to 40% of biomedical discoveries can be reproduced. It’s important to acknowledge that there will always be a portion of findings that remain irreproducible due to random chance and the inherent complexity of science, which constantly pushes the boundaries of human knowledge. 

Nevertheless, we can enhance the likelihood of research findings being successfully reproduced by adhering to good research practices, guaranteeing that scientific discoveries are as robust and dependable as they can be!

Our Mission is to improve the quality of biomedical research by providing services that make it easy and intuitive for life science companies and academic researchers to incorporate good research practices in their scientific work, thereby increasing reproducibility and minimizing research waste.

Our Values:

Meet the team

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Research consultant

Daniela Grassi holds a PhD in neuroscience and is experienced in cell culture and molecular biology. She has a passion for improving the scientific process.


Managing medical writer

Sean Kim has a PhD in Immunobiology, studying the epigenetic regulation of T-cell development. He has been a medical writer since 2006, writing extensively on therapeutics for a wide range of areas, including diabetes, dermatology, and infectious diseases. He specializes in grant proposals, scientific articles, posters, and slide decks.



Managing research consultant

Jane Fisher holds a PhD in infection medicine and has been working with translational research since 2013. She is driven toward developing tangible solutions that improve human health. Her extensive experience includes in vitro models, animal models, and clinical studies.



Juliane Albrecht is a senior PhD student in oncology, studying genetic variants in breast cancer. She has had experience working with various companies in the pharmaceutical industry in parallel with her studies, which she incorporates into her work with us. She works largely with medical writing in our team.

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